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Galapagos tours are the best way for visitors to enjoy a display of nature encounters within the unspoiled wilderness of these remote Islands by the Equator in the Pacific Ocean of South America.

Nemo catamarans the best option for travellers who want a small boat tour experience without compromising the comfort, stability and service of larger vessels. Our website presents the full features of our Nemo I & II catamarans for cruising the Galapagos Islands.

We have put together a knowledge base throughout this website to help plan your Ecuador & Galapagos tour. The information you will find is:

  • Catamaran details, Nemo I & II with their full features, cabin layouts and social areas.
  • Cruise itineraries for naturalist and scuba diving tours in the Galapagos Islands national park & marine reserve
  • Information about Galapagos wildlife and underwater wonders to give you an idea of what you may encounter on your cruises.
  • Ecuador tour options and ideas, so you can make your most of your visit - we will give you ideas for visiting the Andes, the Amazon & Pacific coast beaches - before our after your Galapagos cruise
  • Charter options and group planning for students, alumni and special interest tours.
  • Expert travel advice, you can contact us any time to request information about our boats, the destination and side trips. We will recommend other boats if the Nemo fleet cannot accommodate your needs.