Explore Galapagos on a 8 day boat trip on board the Nemo I catamaran

Everyday you wake up in a different bay, anchored in calm waters and ready to explore a different trail. Each visitor site is rich in wildlife, on this trip you can encounter waved albatross, marine iguanas, red pouched frigate birds and dancing blue footed boobies. It is possible to swim with sea lions, turtles, rays and with some luck penguins. The Nemo I is a small yet cozy sailing - catmaran that carries only 12 guests, offering an non-intrusive approach to Galapagos touring.
Day 1 : Baltra Island & North Seymour Island
Transfer to the yacht after arrival at the Baltra airport.

North Seymour Island

Navigation and lunch service to Seymour Island North of Baltra Dry landing. Nature walk in North Seymour
It is approximately 2.25 km (1.25 mi) long and crosses the island's inland before reaching the coast. The trail crosses the inland of the island and explores the rocky coast. It also passes Blue-Footed Boobie colonies. Magnificent Frigatebird is a large, black bird that has a wide wingspan and a hooked beak. It is fast and excellent at vision. The large, red pouch at the necks of Frigatebirds is a signature feature. Boobies have a fascinating relationship with Frigates. The nesting area of North Seymour Bluefooted Boobies and Magnificent Frigatebirds is the same.

Guide briefing. Welcome cocktail. Navigation to San Cristobal Island and dinner service
Day 2 : San Cristobal Island: Kicker Rock, Lobos Island & Witch Hill
Breakfast service. Dry landing. Nature walks and more wildlife watching Deep-water snorkeling.

Kicker Rock

Others see it as a sleeping sea lion or Leon Dormido in Spanish. Some people refer to it as a sleeping sealion, or Leon Dormido in Spanish. You can also spot marine iguanas and Galapagos sharks while snorkeling around Kicker Rock. If you're lucky, you might even spot hammerhead sharks. Apart from the amazing underwater view, you can often see blue-footed boobies or masked boobies along with frigatebirds on the cliffs. If luck is on our side, you may even spot hammerhead sharks. These options can vary depending on when you depart from the Galapagos tour.

Lobos Island

Lobos Island is known for its fur sea lions population and sea lions. There will be nesting areas for the great Frigatebird as well as a few blue-footed boobies. The breeding center will explain, in simple terms, the natural phenomena that created Galapagos Islands. This is the geology, as well as the natural processes that led to these amazing islands.

Witch Hill

Lunch service and navigation to Cerro Brujo Panga boat exploration rides. Wet landing. * Nature walk Deep-water snorkeling Cerro Brujo was one of Charles Darwin's first stops. It is a stunning white sand beach with brown pelicans, blue-footed boobies and sea lions. Cerro Brujo, an onshore version nearby Kicker Rock is a striking, eroded tuff con.
Kicker Rock is not a landing site. These rocks, also known as Leon Dormido, are found off the coast from San Cristobal. This channel is formed by two vertical rocks that rise 500 feet above the ocean. The natural monument is a popular spot for cruises because of the numerous Tropicbirds Frigates and Boobies in the air. The almost crystal clear waters beneath the sea offer an amazing display of colorful tropical fishes and invertebrates.

Guide briefing. Navigation to Espanola Island and dinner service
Nemo I

  • Swim with turtles, sea lions, tropical fish, manta rays and even penguins
  • Walk on a volcanic island that looks like an upturned Chinese Hat
  • Paddle through a mangrove surrounded cove and spot mating sea nurtles and reef sharks
  • Hike by the blowhole at Punta Suarez and spot hundreds of nesting Nazca boobies

Punta Suarez | Galapagos Islands
North Seymour | Galapagos Islands
Floreana | Galapagos Islands
Punta Cormorant | Flamingos | Galapagos Islands
  • Scheduled visits and activities with a professional bilingual guide
  • All meals on board, snacks, purified water, tea and coffee
  • Accommodation in standard cabin / bunk with private bathroom and air conditioning
  • Assistance 24/7 during the trip
Does not Include
  • Air tickets to / from Galapagos from / to Quito, Guayaquil or combined route
  • Entrance to the Galapagos National Park US $ 100 p.p. (cash in the Islands)
  • Galapagos Control Card US $ 20 p.p. (at the airport before check-in)
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks on board; personal expenses, extras and tips guide and crew (cash)
  • Rent of snorkeling equipment and wet-suits on board (in cash)
  • Travel insurance with medical, cancellation and other unforeseen coverage
  • Other services in Continental Ecuador and not specified in the program
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