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Stay a little longer after your Galapagos cruise

We can assist you in outfitting your tour around the small but remarkable South American nation of Ecuador.

In this section we will tell you about Ecuador and help you make your pre and post cruise arrangements. As one of the countries leading tour operators  we can also organize your side trips.

Please take a moment to learn about Ecuador and to review our complete listing of options to visit the Choco & Amazon rainforests, the Andes and Pacific coast beaches of Ecuador.

We can offer you dozens of affordable, customized excursions to the Choco rainforest at our very own Kumanii Lodge, Amazon rainforest, Ecuadorian Andes and Pacific coast beaches.

We travel Ecuador by foot, horse, yacht, bus, train, and plane, our innovative itineraries will take you to all four corners of Ecuador.

Ecuador is gifted by its extraordinary geography, its diverse climates, its melting pot of cultures, and its abundant flora and fauna being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Travelers will find endless attractions, ranging from tropical jungles and impressive Andean volcanoes to the unique living laboratory that is the Galapagos Islands, all within a nation approximately the size of Switzerland, England or Colorado.

A visit to the enchanted islands of Galapagos is a dream come true. You can add to it by taking one of our tours to the Choco rainforestcruise the Amazon and hike in the Andes, which are no less wondrous; navigate a river covered by a towering jungle canopy or trek the infamous Avenue of the Volcanoes that splits Ecuador in two.

Our website gives you access to Ecuador's best tours with a click of a button and at a fair price giving you the best value for your money.